The Most Important Invitation You'll Receive This Year...which is almost over anyhow

Nothing with me is original. I'm a good cook, but I follow other people's recipes. I'm a pretty accomplished seamstress, but I always follow a pattern. And I've written a few books, but even the ideas in those are not all that original.

And I don't apologize for that. I've just written my books in order to share with others what others shared with me...that worked!

And one of the most important things that has worked in my life and that I've shared multiple times in multiple venues is...

Scripture Meditation and Memorization

"Your words were found and I ate them; Your words became a delight to me and the joy of my heart!"
Jeremiah 15:16

Those two spiritual disciplines have made all the difference in this hungry girl's life! And for that I am thankful to one person who over and over and over, in her own Bible studies, encouraged me (and you) to memorize scripture. And finally one day I took her up on it. And then I wished I had done so years before.

Me at my first (and the first) Siesta Scripture Memory Team Celebration in 2010
So today I'd like to invite you to join me on a scripture memorizing journey I took several years ago. I won't be hosting this particular journey. Instead we'll all follow the woman who originally drug me along on this trek: Beth Moore.

Now, if you'd like to share your memory verses with me throughout the year, that would be fine. I'm sure I'll share my own occasionally. But I'd like to invite you to traverse over to Living Proof Ministry's web site now to check out how you can memorize 24 soul-satisfying scriptures during 2013 and reap multitudinous rewards (including a FREE Living Proof Live event with Beth Moore which is reserved just for those who took and succeeded in the challenge all year).

The picture above is of the cute and nifty Scripture Memory Team spirals LPM is selling this year to those who are interested. But you don't have to purchase one to participate. Remember, you can make your own memorization album by buying a cheap 4x6 photo album at Target or Walmart, using scrapbook paper to make it say "you" all over the cover, and filling it with 4x6 index cards.

I'm begging you. Join me and join thousands of other women around the world as we eat heartily of God's satisfying Word this next year. You won't regret this sizable investment.

Again, here's the link to the most important invitation you'll receive this year... for what remains of it!

And here are a few links to blog posts I've written that may help you see the importance of Scripture memorization, as well as get you started on the right track:

Here's Why You Should Memorize Scripture

Three Meals a Day

Hey! Let me know in the comments here if you'll be joining up. I'd love to know and be praying for you as you memorize throughout the year.

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