What to Do When You are Blue

Did you know that the average adult has 3-5 "blue days" each month? That's right; it's perfectly normal to have an occasional blue day...a day when you're just a little sad and you don't know why, a day when you have a hard time getting motivated to do anything constructive, or a day when you just move a little more slowly.

I have blue days. Do you? As long as you're not experiencing more than your normal allotment, 3 - 5, you don't need to fret over these less than stellar days. But you do need to know how to keep moving through them.

Last week I had a couple of pale blue days, not the especially woeful variety, but simply a little on the blue side. Thus, no posts... By the time I had moved on to brighter skies, the Christmas rush had hit and I had no time to catch up on blogging. But be assured the week was not a total waste. I managed to move through the  blue and on to the rosy by giving myself a little grace and putting into practice a few other guidelines I've learned over the years.

While the traditional colors of Christmas are red and green, it's quite common to wake up a little blue during the season of noel. So if the doldrums hit you during the holidays or any other day, you might have better success turning the corner more quickly if you keep these simple basics in mind:

How do you move through the blue days? I'd love to know. But remember, if you're experiencing more than a few azure days, you may need to see your doctor for a physical or talk with a Christian counselor about deeper issues. The goal is thriving, not just surviving!

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