A Blessing for the Faint of Heart

Father, You have promised that if we wait upon You, sit at Your feet and wait for nourishment, encouragement, and direction, You will infuse us with renewed energy and strength. Oh, how we need to be reinvigorated by You!

With Your Word, revive us (Psalm 119:93, 154).

With the Bread of Life, feed us, fill us, satisfy us (Psalm 81:10, 16).

With Your presence, give us fresh perspective (Psalm 73:17).

With Your counsel, guide us to new heights (Psalm 73:24).

By Your strength, give us stability and security (Psalm 62:2).

Through Your perfect cleansing, renew a steadfast spirit within us (Psalm 51:10).

With Your sure and trustworthy promises, give us hope where we have despaired (Psalm 42:5).

And by Your grace, heal our weary and sin sick souls (Psalm 41:4).

We may have blown it; we may have failed; we may have drifted off course; You are good to restore, renew, redeem.

Thank You, Lord, for drawing near to the faint of heart when we draw near to You (James 4:8).