Talking With Your Kids About Jesus

When James and I were the young parents of one precious toddler, we were pleased as punch to share every milestone with others, especially the eager-to-hear senior adults at our church. So one day as we enjoyed a Southern cooked lunch with the senior adult group at Bowdon Baptist Church in Georgia, we took the opportunity to share Daniel's latest success with the sweet group of people sharing our table.

Daniel sat in a high chair at the end of the table, plopping tiny, soft vegetables into his mouth one at a time. I sat to his left, moving said vegetables from my plate to his, one at a time. But not only had Daniel learned to feed himself table food; he had also learned about the Bible. James and I had taught him that "the Bible says Jesus loves me." In fact, we could ask Daniel any time of the day or night, "What does the Bible say?" and he would always, without fail answer back a quick and enthusiastic, "Jesus loves me!"

So I got everyone's attention: Ya'll listen to this. Listen to what Daniel has learned! Daniel, what does the Bible say?

Daniel looked around at the attentive, smiling faces and sheepishly grinned. Then he proudly exclaimed, "Moo!"

So much for our splendid Bible lessons! How embarrassing!

But darling, all the same!

Recently a mom of young children asked me for tips on how to talk with her children about God. I had to stop and think wayyy back, but I came up with a few lessons I learned in this area...some from successes, some from failures and missed opportunities. I thought I'd share those with you today. Because obviously I know what I'm talking about. Moo, indeed!

Moms, don't miss opportunities to talk with your children about your Lord. Those are some of the most precious and most meaningful discussions you'll ever have, even when they're fairly simplistic in nature. And don't give up either. Even when they insist that the Bible says, "Moo!"

Do you have any suggestions for how to talk with your children about the Lord and spiritual matters? I have a lot of young moms who read this blog, and they'd love to hear your ideas!

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