14 Ways to Say I Love You

'Tis the month of love! For me that means the temptation of little pieces of chocolate wrapped in colorful foils continues the alluring plea for attention (and consumption!) that began in December. But now the foils are even more to my liking...pink, red, and more pink!

Alas, I struggle.

But February also brings Valentine's Day to our calendars (as well as my ever-increasing-in-number birthday!). And so it's time to think of ways to express our affections to those we love--our spouse, our children, our parents, our friends.

While expressions of love and affection should not be limited to February, I find it is a good time to kick start my tender demonstrations of appreciation and fondness. After all, as they say, "Love is in the air!"

So without further ado, I offer you my fourteen suggestions for ways to say "I love you" to those you hold dear. These tips are not limited to your spouse or romantic interest, but I'll leave it up to you to know which expressions of affection are best reserved for the "love of your life" and which are appropriate for family members and friends.

  1. Buy a naked card and put some "cloths" on it. By that I mean purchase or make a card that doesn't contain a message or sentiment written by some slick Hallmark writer, and write your own instead. You don't have to use flowery language; just express your heart.
  2. Go straight for the seat of true love, the stomach! My mama always "fed us love" growing up; thus I struggle with the results of so much love! Still, I think baking or cooking up a little love is a mighty fine way to say "you matter to me." Whether it's a romantic meal for two, a batch of cookies wrapped up pretty, or a sweet dessert to top off a family meal, nothing says love like homecooked goodness! 
  3. Text a sweet or naughty message. Remember, I'm trusting you to know which is appropriate for who. And hey, make sure you "send" that tempting seduction to the right person...and by "right" I mean the right phone number as well as the one God is ok with you sending it to!
  4. Pray a blessing. Take your sweet one by the hand and bow your head and ask a blessing for the one you love. How much more love could a person feel than to be prayed for?
  5. Shop with Heart. Here's a great way to buy a sweet something for a friend or mom, while doing a little good for another woman clear around the world! Check out my friend Susan's web site with Noonday Collection to order a double dose of love!
  6. Link up with a loved one and share a Footlong Subway! They're just $5 during February. James and I split the Turkey Breast footlong on wheat, with provolone, lightly toasted, loaded with veggies and salt & pepper, but no dressing or sauce.
  7. Spend a little time together. Slow down and spend a little extra time with someone you love. Sit on a park bench and chat, go for a walk, linger over coffee, or visit over a lengthy phone call. Take the time and spend it on the one you love.
  8. Dedicate a tune to someone you love. Whether you're putting quarters in a juke box or calling the radio station (think Delilah), you can play a song that tells the whole world (or at least the listening audience) how much you care about an individual. 888-6-Delilah (888-633-5452).
  9. Donate to the American Heart Association in someone's honor or memory. And don't forget that February is also Go Red for Women month!
  10. Do a kind and sacrificial deed. When I think of true love, I recall that Jesus sacrificed His life, His dignity, His blood, His all, for us. Perhaps Valentine's Day would be an appropriate time not to just do something kind and loving for someone, but to really go out of our way, pay the price, lay down our desires, roll up our sleeves, and sacrifice for them. What sacrificial act would thrill your spouse, child, parent or friend to no end?
  11. Tell someone else about one you love. Sure, the love of your life may never hear about this one, but is there really anything sweeter than telling someone else all the many reasons you care so deeply for your husband, mom, child, aunt or friend? Maybe at least their nose will itch a little! (Isn't that what the "old wives tale" says happens when someone is talking about you?)
  12. Give a hug and really mean it! Forget those little quickies we so often share with each other. Instead embrace your loved one, hold them close to your heart, and share the love!
  13. Get a room! Remember, you're accountable to God for choosing appropriately on these!
  14. Say the words..."I Love You!" Can we ever hear these words enough? But if you're like me, you may say these three little words on the fly a lot. Rushing out the door or hanging up the phone, we quickly add, "love you!" This time, take them by the hand, look them in the eyes, and say "I love you" with all the depth you can muster!
I'd love to hear your ideas for sharing a little love during this month of February. Please share!


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