Trail Tip #2 - Have Fun with the Guide

Today we continue a series of short blog posts featuring basic, tried-and-true, but sometimes hard-to-do tips for walking with Jesus on the ancient paths. Keep in mind that these pointers don't lead you to salvation; we're only saved by the grace of God through the blood of Jesus Christ, and we receive that gift through faith. And God even supplies that (Ephesians 2:8-9)! But these basic tips help us stay on the path of growth, keep us in the center of God's will where blessing and protection and peace abound, and make the journey easier on us, as well as more delightful.

Trail Tip #2 - Have Fun with God
I don't mean to risk sounding irreverent, but I honestly believe the consistency of our quiet times with God (see yesterday's post) hinges on our ability to make this time meaningful, powerful, and, yes, even fun. I'm more prone to make time for someone if they are someone I enjoy being with, if we have fun together. Now, God is definitely enjoyable. But it's up to me to set the agenda for our time together, to plan the date, if you will.

So here are a few creative tips for making your quiet time with the Lord fun, enjoyable, and meaningful to you.

  1. Sing praise songs. You can follow along with a CD or sing from a hymn book or just wing it. The Bible tells us we enter the gates of His throne room through our praises! (Psalm 100:4)
  2. Choose a pleasant meeting place. Whether you choose to meet in the same place every day or would rather shake it up a bit now and then, meet the Lord in a lovely place. That may be on your back porch, in your living room, on a mountain top, or in a canoe. If you do meet up in your home, make sure things are tidy so you're not distracted by unfolded clothes or an unmade bed. 
  3. Get moving. While I find that it's hard to read my Bible while I'm walking, I sometimes like to end my quiet time by going on a walk and continuing in prayer along the way. You can also talk to God while you hike, row a boat, peddle a bike or swing on your back porch. 
  4. Choose a devotional guide that speaks to you. It's worth spending a little extra time in the bookstore to select a devotional guide or devotional Bible that speaks "your language." If you choose to use one of these tools, make sure it's one that guides you into the Scripture and doesn't just fill you with man's ideas.
  5. Get real. While I definitely think our quiet times with God will usually need to include times of solemn contemplation and serious meditation, I also think it's perfectly appropriate to talk out your struggles, laugh at yesterday's antics, and get candid about what's eating at you. He's up to it; trust me.

How do you keep your quiet times with God lively and interesting and meaningful? We'd love to know.

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