Last Conference in Canada

I had the absolute thrill of traveling to Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, about a month ago now to present a Last! Conference at the Emmanuel Bible Church. Today I extend my appreciation to Amy Speck and her team for the gracious hospitality and hand of friendship my assistant Kim and I received there. Trust me, the American South has nothing on the Canadian South when it comes to sweet hospitality and grace!

Me with Amy Speck and Kim
I believe there were about 150 in attendance on that snowy Canadian Saturday. And those ladies listened with eager attention, turned the pages of their Bibles through Genesis to Revelation and everything in between, and worshiped the Lord with passion and sweet voices.

I loved that there were women of all ages in attendance that weekend. And I understand that women came from as far away as a few hours drive to take part in Emmanuel's annual women's conference. Emmanuel Bible Church has managed to develop quite the reputation for producing a meaningful and biblically enriching event for ladies each year. I'm honored to have followed in the footsteps of notable speakers such as Mary Kassian, Liz Curtis Higgs, Sharon Jaynes and Carol Kent.

Kim working the resource table

Their worship team did a tremendous job leading us in praise!
I'm blessed to have heard from several of the women who attended the conference since leaving Simcoe, and I am thrilled to hear evidence that God was good to plant good seed in good, rich soil that day.

And the seed in the good soil, 
these are the ones who have heard
the Word in an honest and good heart,
and hold it fast,
and bear fruit with perseverance.
(Luke 8:15)

And so today I encourage the women of Simcoe, Ontario, and the surrounding area who blessed me with their eager attention that day, hold fast to that which God planted in your heart. Keep away from those broken dry cisterns, choose to feast on the bread of life instead, and eat up! Have you been preparing your menu of soul satisfying Scriptures? Have you been eating three to four times a day from it? 

Hold fast and bear fruit with perseverance, sweet sisters.

Me with the leadership team at Emmanuel Bible Church

Thank you, precious women from Emmanuel Bible Church, for allowing me the honor of opening God's Word in your assembly. You have blessed me richly!

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