Trail Tip #7 - Trust and Obey

Trail Tip #7 - Trust and Obey

For there's no other way, right?

That may sound like a given. Not much of a tip. But many of us seem to struggle with the simple concept of trusting our navigation devices.

Believe me, I've been out on the trail when the map didn't seem to make sense, and it was more logical to me to follow my own instincts. But I've also found veering from the directions on the map to be a huge mistake.

One morning, when my Aunt Ida, Kim and I were backpacking the Appalachian Trail, we had a hard time getting our bearings. We had taken a trail off of the main trail to get to shelter the night before because it was raining ferociously on us. When we walked into the camp, the sun was behind the clouds and we couldn't even see the mountains or trees around us. The next morning we awoke to sunshine and unfamiliar surroundings.

There were about eight men who had slept in this shelter with us the night before (all who were experienced AT backpackers), but by the time we prepared to hit the trail that morning, each of them had already bounded out. And we had failed to notice which direction they took.

So we went on instinct.

And half a day later we had to back track a couple of miles to get back to where we were supposed to be!

In life, on the narrow trail on which we follow Jesus, our instincts will fail us, too. So much of what Jesus asks us to do is counter intuitive:
Our instincts would tell us to look out for ourselves, keep what is ours, get revenge, protect ourselves from injustice, refuse to give more than necessary, love only those who deserve it, and speak up for ourselves. 

Our instincts would be wrong.

Today when you come to a crossroads (and you will undoubtedly come to several on whatever path you are on), get out the Map, God's Word. Heed its instructions concerning your point of decision. Give it the authority it deserves in your life. And trust the One who wrote every single point of navigation in It. 

He is worthy of your trust...and your obedience.

And He knows secrets about this here trail! He has supernatural perspective and can see around the bend, while you and I cannot.

It may sound simple, but it's crucial. Trust and obey, for there's no other way!

What directive do you find to be counter intuitive from God's Word? How do you obey when it "goes against the grain?"

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