Here's What's Feeding My Soul These Days

So which variety of diner are you?

Are you the kind of gal who doesn't mind sharing your tasty looking dish with the lustful admirers who are eating with you? Or do you prefer everyone keep their pesky forks off your yummy enchiladas, thank you very much!

Do you salivate over others' colorful and provocative dishes and hope upon all hopes that they'll invite you to try it? Or are you satisfied with what you've ordered and focus on your own food?

Or maybe you're the kind who just goes for it. You just rare back your fork and dig in to whatever your neighbor is enjoying, even if you have to wait until they've turned their head to do so.

I'm not one to just stick my fork in anyone and everyone's steak, but my husband, my mom and a few close friends know to expect a visit from my fork or fingers at some point in the meal. Usually they just go ahead, in fact, and slice me off a piece or hand over their plate for a minute. And yes, I'll share my food with them, too.

When I speak at conferences where I teach the Last! principles of feasting on God's Word through a relationship with Jesus Christ, I'm often asked what scriptures I'm currently "eating." And I never mind sharing these satisfying morsels of God's Word with those who ask. These are the scriptures that have become life and breath and true sustenance to my soul! They literally feed me each morning as I sit down with my coffee, my breakfast and my scripture meditation album.

I'm all about sharing. And so, in the spirit of "sharing what we're eating," I thought I'd stick a clean fork into my current scripture memory and meditation album and come up with a good juicy bite for you to taste. I'm going to take a day here and there to simply whet your appetite with each of the scriptures that are currently feeding my soul, my daily bread.

I hate to be a big tease, but you'll need to check back with me tomorrow for the first soul-satisfying bite! 

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