"Hungry for Him" Retreat with Frisco Bible Church

Late as usual, I want to fill you in on the tremendous way God worked at the Hungry for Him women's retreat with the ladies of Frisco Bible Church.  God is so good to use this simple and chipped vessel to deliver a powerful message through the Satisfied...at Last! conference, and I'm just thrilled that He allows me to stand before hungry women and share the tools I've learned for becoming a satisfied and contented woman.

As I tell the ladies at the end of each conference, I'm not the most satisfied woman in the world. My husband could attest to that. But I'm so much more content in my spirit than I used to be. And that satisfaction radiates out into my relationships, my work habits, my finances, the atmosphere in my home, and my testimony. So I'm always thrilled when, as the conferences move along from session to session, more and more women tell me how much the messages resonate with them. It's simply my hope to spare a few women some of the pain and mistakes my hungry, dissatisfied soul drove me to.

And that was the case with the women of Frisco Bible Church. So many attested to the unidentifiable hunger within them that had indeed driven them to some undesirable pits. But just as many agreed to take the Satisfied...at Last challenge to "Taste and see that the Lord is good!" I trust that even today they are "eating" from their soul satisfying menus, prepared especially by the Lord for them. And I'm praying to that end every morning.
Kim, Jen Bryant (director of women's ministry FBC) and me

Event coordinator Lynn Carl and Jen Bryant
My hat's off to Jen Bryant, Director of Women's Ministries at Frisco Bible, and Lynn Carl, their event coordinator. These ladies did a tremendous job of creating a retreat that equally supplied rest, relaxation, and recreation, along with time for deep spiritual nourishment. Not only did I present all four messages from the Satisfied at Last playbook, but they also took about 45 minutes to discuss each of the sessions in small accountability groups and encouraged each woman to complete the 45 minute directed devotional time I include in the retreat package. And, of course, they had a tremendous praise team that led us to the throne room of God over and over again in sweet worship and praise.

The praise team did an excellent job of leading us in worship.
the women of Frisco Bible Church praising Jesus
I am always humbled and thrilled to be asked to speak at any event where I have the opportunity to share God's salvation plan and His plan for satisfying our souls. But I especially enjoy events where I have the opportunity to get to know some of the women a little more intimately over time and activity. This retreat was a two-night stay at the lovely Omni Dallas Hotel at Park West and included table top discussions, meals on the grounds, a movie night, a Q&A with the speaker (me!), and ample free time. They also wisely provided a quiet place and times for prayer, alone or with a prayer warrior. Plus we closed with the intimate observance of the Lord's Supper. So by the time this weekend was over, my assistant Kim and I felt like we had truly made 140 new good buddies, not to mention sweet sisters in Christ!

Jennifer, Stephanie and me. We were in a small group
together and I developed such a tender
heart toward these precious ladies.

They even assigned an assistant to my assistant!
Amy kept Kim on her toes and  on schedule all weekend long.
What a sweet heart!
Thank you, ladies of Frisco Bible Church, for allowing me to be a part of your memorable weekend. I am honored and humbled. Most of all I pray that God began a good work through His Word and that He will continue that good work in your lives. I'm praying for you to "hold fast" the word which was planted in "good and honest hearts" and to "persevere" in bearing fruit, according to the principles in Luke 8:15. Stay in your chair at the King's table and don't wander off to any dry cisterns, you hear? There's sweet satisfaction in the eating of God's Living Bread, and He wants to fill you to overflowing!

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