It's Time to Tell Them about Jesus!

I've been anticipating Saturday's event with excitement and at least an ounce of trepidation. Ever since the coordinators of this tea mentioned that they will have a largely "unchurched" crowd in attendance, I've known that I must be sure to tell them about Jesus!

So that's all the more reason I need your prayers as I travel to Phoenix early Saturday morning to speak at the Women's Spring Tea & Luncheon at North Phoenix Baptist Church. When women's ministry director Vicki Voyce contacted me about this event last spring, she told me they normally expect around 300 to 350 women, but when she e-mailed me a few days ago they had over 440 registered. And she reiterated that a large number of those sitting around the beautifully decorated tables that day would be women who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. In fact, some of them follow other faiths.

So, sweet friends, it's time to tell them about Jesus. I will be sharing the Last! message, so if you've heard any form of that message you know it's all about how Jesus, the bread of life, can satisfy our hungry souls. And if you've done the Bible study or attended the SAL conference, you know I always say, "People don't know they need to be saved, but they know they're hungry!" My goal Saturday is to show all these hungry women (and we're all hungry women!) that Jesus, the Word made flesh, can indeed satisfy their hungry souls. But first they must know Him as Savior and Lord.

Will you please join me in praying for each woman who will be attending this very evangelistic event at North Phoenix Baptist on Saturday, April 27th? Yes, I want them to enjoy themselves, meet new friends, and feel pampered and loved. But I also want them to meet Jesus, the Satisfying Savior.

Where did you first hear about Jesus in a way that resonated with your spirit? I'd love to know. And as you think on that, pray that my simple message may somehow strike a chord with these hungry women.

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