On the Road to Van, TX

Thank you for your prayers for the retreat for Frisco Bible Church. The weekend went splendidly, mainly because the women of Frisco Bible had done such an awesome job of putting together a wonderful weekend. Of course, God showed up, and that's an even bigger factor! The retreat included opportunities for prayer, pampering, laughter, listening to God's Word, fabulous food, and fellowship. Hats off to Jen Bryant and her team for an excellent, God-honoring weekend. I was so humbled to be the one opening God's Word before these lovely ladies.

And, hey, I'll give you more on this sweet retreat soon.

But today I'm asking for more prayers as I pack up and head to Van, TX, tomorrow for another weekend with women of the Word. I'll be ministering to the women of Crossroads Christian Church in Grand Prairie, TX, as they escape to the country for a little R & R and a healthy dose of God's Word.

Once again, I'll be presenting the Satisfied...at Last! messages. Folks, these messages are hard learned and life changing stories and principles from my heart and God's Word. I'm always amazed at how the very things I so desperately needed to learn are the very things that resonate with so many other women across the board. I am humbled beyond words to be able to present these truths to so many women, but I am also confident of their life-giving and life-changing power, not because of my great message development or delivery, but because of the supernatural, powerful effects of God's Word.

Please pray for me as I present these challenging messages this weekend. But also pray for each woman who is supposed to be attending. We all know how Satan can throw a wrench in the best laid plans at the last minute. Let's pray for every woman registered to get to the Sky Ranch Retreat Center in Van, so they can get some much needed rest and rejuvenation, but also so they can hear a word from our gracious God.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of me and the women of Crossroads Christian Church. We sisters in Christ have to stick together and lift each other up! Your prayers are precious to me!

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