A Prayer of Praise for Sunny Days

Recently when my parents were visiting us here in sunny Arizona, they'd begin each day sitting on the back porch and saying, "It's another pretty day." To which I would say, "It's a pretty day just about every day here in Arizona." And, truth be told, I said it with a bit of a sadness, a longing, if you will.

I admit to taking the pretty days for granted here in this sunny state. In fact, at times I long for rain or at least a cloudy day.

But I got to thinking, as my parents from another state shared such appreciation for yet another pretty day, that I really should be more grateful as well.

In fact, are there not a number of sweet, enduring blessings we take for granted until one day we wake up and they are missing? For instance, have you ever endured a lingering illness for so long that you plum forgot what it felt like to be healthy? And you thought to yourself, If I could just feel well again, I'd never take it for granted another day in my life!

Yeah, right.

So today, I offer my praise for sunny days and other "little blessings" I tend to take for granted.

Father, I have been amiss to take for granted so many sweet blessings!
For the brilliant, sparkling sun and the tender blue skies, I thank you. 
They are the framework for many a blessed day.
For the opportunity to put food on the table three times each day I am grateful.
For the gas in my car and the water in the faucets and the cool air circulating through my home, I thank you.
For the laughter floating in the air from the school yard behind my house, I am especially grateful; it sounds like a sweet and joyful accompaniment to my day.
For work to do and muscles to exercise and teeth to brush and a home to clean, I thank you.
And for people who love me and live life alongside me...oh, what would I do without them?

Father, you have been so good to bless me with sweet reminders of your provision and grace every day.
And so, with all thought and humility, in all honesty and dependence, I thank you, the provider of every good and perfect gift! 
May I continue, with each and every day, to be more mindful and more grateful of the "little things," the "every day things." 
For they are very good things indeed!


For what everyday blessings are you grateful today?

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