Praise for a God Who Equips

Father, I thank You for suiting me up for success. 
Just like a football team that faces an unfamiliar foe every now and then,
I may not come out victorious with every challenge,
but it's not for lack of coaching!

You suit me up with substantial spiritual armor
to face the enemy who shakes his puny fist in Your holy face
by trying to derail me, belittle me, and rob me of what You have given.
He is no sizable challenge to You,
but to me he proves to be formidable. 
Still, if I will put on Your truth,
protect myself with it, belt my armor with it,
cover my mind with it,
arm myself with it, and walk in it,
I can be victorious over his lies and accusations
every time.

You fortify me with strength and power
to face the largest obstacles.
Yes, you do give me challenges I cannot
handle on my own. 
You give me stuff that's too big for me to conquer.
I am, after all, a cracked pot, a fragile container.
But if I'll rest from my puny attempts to conquer foes,
cross rivers, move mountains, resist the flames, or fight off lions
on my own...
You'll step in and supply the stone and the sure shot,
You'll part the waters, crumble the mountains, quench the flames
and shut the lions' mouths.

You give me Your Word to light my path,
Your spiritual fruit to change my character,
Your Holy Spirit to convict and teach,
Your holy blood to cleanse and to save,
Your righteous Son to advocate and plead my case,
Your sweet grace and loving forgiveness,
Your love and mercy, which is new every morning.

Thank you, oh God, for giving me everything I need
to live!

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