The Value of a Well Kept Home

I loathe housework. At one time, I actually enjoyed it. I suppose those were the newlywed days and the newly-stay-at-home-mom days.

But the newness has worn off...a long time ago. Now housework just feels

But today as I pull out the broom and mop and dust cloth, I'm reminding myself of the value of a well tended home.

Keeping a home clean and fresh, whether you have children crawling across your floors, teenagers bringing in their friends for games and pizza, or just the two of you...or even the one of you, is no trivial matter. Yes, the work can be tedious and toilsome. And let's face it, it's all quite repetitive. But a well kept house is worth the effort.

When God put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, they were instructed to tend it. They were to keep it, maintain it, work it. Later, in Proverbs 31, we see the "excellent wife" is one who "looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness." Finally, in Titus 2:5 older women are instructed to encourage younger women in, among other things, working hard at home. Throughout God's Word He expresses the value He puts on a well kept home.

Over the years I have made a few observations about my home, the cleanliness and atmosphere thereof, and the side effects of both the well kept home and the home that has been "let go."

A well kept home:

To be honest, housekeeping has fallen toward the bottom of my list of priorities over recent years. Maybe that's because I don't have as many people living in my home as I once did. Maybe I've just gotten lazy. But today I'm recalculating the value of a well kept home and pledging to put a little more effort into mine.

What about you? Do you enjoy "keeping" your home? Why or why not? 

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