Up In Front...Oh My!

Today I'm re-posting one of my favorite information/education kind of posts. When someone pinned this post to their Pinterest board recently, it caused me to go back and read it again. Pretty good stuff. If you have any reason at all to get in front of a microphone or behind a podium in the near future, you may find this post especially helpful. Here's to rooting you on!

A 2001 Gallup poll concluded that the top three fears among women are 
  1. snakes
  2. public speaking
  3. tight spaces.
 What about you? Are any of those your top fears?

I'll admit to being afraid of snakes. But fortunately I'm able to avoid those most of the time. Still, you better believe my eyes are always peeled for snakes as I navigate our nearby hiking trails.

On the other hand, I've made a life of speaking in public. Other than the occasional kaleidoscope of butterflies--caused more by excitement than nerves--I have no qualms with speaking before a large crowd.

But that hasn't always been the case.

I started out afraid of talking to anyone, much more so a group of any number. I'd get clammy palms, my heart would race, and sometimes I even plain out refused to step up to the platform.  

Then I learned better.

You see, another interesting bit of Gallup poll trivia is that while 52% of those with a high school diploma or less education fear standing in front of crowds and speaking, only 24% of college graduates fear the same thing. That indicates to me that education, practice, and more practice help alleviate this particular fear.

That's been my experience as well.

I recalled recently that as an elementary school child my mother insisted I join the 4-H Club. I didn't raise cows or chickens or pigs. I didn't grow vegetables or can peaches either. I spoke.

And I didn't just speak; but I entered speaking contests, all at my mother's prodding and insistence.

For instance, I remember creating a box full of babysitting helps -- a touch and feel book, a book on tape, and a game -- as one of my 4-H projects. But then my mom insisted that I present the project to my 4-H Club, then a panel of judges, then another panel of judges, and still another, until I'd made it to the state competition level. For all I know she probably had me present my spiel about my babysitting box to a group of her friends before they all played a round of Rook on a Friday night as a way of practicing my speech. But in the end, I knew how to tell people about my creation, how it worked, how it would benefit the keen babysitter back in the 1970s before kids were more interested in electronics than books on tape.

Yep, I could talk my way out of a paper box alright.

Of course since then I've continued my training in public speaking. I took a speech class in college, received training from CLASS speakers' services, and read up on effective speaking. But it all started with things like 4-H, Girl Scouts, and Girls in Action back in the day.

Today's Trail Tips
I'm not an expert on overcoming phobias, so if you are one of the 44% of women who are fearful of speaking to a group of your peers I can't offer a cure-all. But I can give you a few of the most tried and true public speaking tips that have worked for me over the years. These aren't so much message development tools, mind you, but just basic tips for overcoming the fear of being in the public-speaking spotlight.
More than likely you will need to present a message to a crowd of your peers sometime this next year, whether it's a Sunday school lesson, a committee report, or a MOPS devotional. I hope these tips help you deliver like a pro.

Do you have any tips for overcoming the fear of public speaking? What has helped you deliver a message in front of a group of your peers? 

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