The Best Laid Plans

The plan was to rise early, finish my run by 6:30, get a quick shower, spend time with the Lord over a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal, and hit the writing hard by 8:30. It's now 10:00. And I didn't even get the run in. And I'm going sans shower today, since I didn't run and all. (It's okay. I'm all by myself today!)

So what in the world have I been doing this morning?

Let's see. I slept later than planned for one. Then I walked out to the mailbox to get the paper I never read. I played with the TV for a while and got distracted briefly by a discussion of healthy foods with an expert whose name I never got. Then I looked at the wedding album of the folks whose house I'm staying at. I walked through the house a few times for who knows what reasons. Oh yes, and I did finally get in that time with the Lord.

Praise God for that, because otherwise I'd probably still be wandering around the house aimlessly or reading a Rifleman magazine or surfing the TV channels or going back to bed. But alas, the Lord has gotten me back on track.

One of the scriptures I have memorized this year actually brought me back to my senses. It's a good thing I meditate on this verse every morning.

Therefore, be careful how you walk,
not as unwise men,
but as wise,
making the most of your time,
because the days are evil.
Ephesians 5:15-16

Evil days? How are the days so evil? They're just days, right?

Well, if I spend my time foolishly instead of accomplishing the work God has prepared for me this day, then the day is evil. It has robbed me of joy, purpose, and significance. Not only that, but I end the day frustrated with myself, wondering what I might could have accomplished if I had used my time otherwise.

How can I be careful of how I walk and use my time wisely? Here are a few of my thoughts on fulfilling the admonition of Ephesians 5:15-16:
How do you stay on task throughout your day? Do the "evil days" ever get the best of you?

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