How to be the Teacher's Pet (Parent)

The school yard behind my house is already buzzing with playful children these days. School is in session here, and it will be starting soon in your neck of the woods. Yikes! Right?

Since my youngest child will be beginning her second year of college, I no longer experience the stress of "facing a school year." But I remember well the desire to kick the year off well, stay the course, help my child succeed, and make it through to the end...with my sanity intact. 

Are you aiming to guide your child through a successful school year? Are you looking at the school calendar and all those forms you have to complete and the sweet note from the teacher (or the syllabuses from the high school teachers) and hoping against all hopes that this year will go smoothly...for your child, for you and even for your child's instructors?

Today I thought I'd give a few suggestions for how to navigate your child's school year like a winning parent...the teacher's pet parent, if you will. Not that I'm suggesting you make it your goal to literally be the teacher's favorite parent. But I'd like to offer a few tips for coming alongside your child's instructors so that they can accomplish their mission of educating your son or daughter.

Both of my parents were educators. My mom taught high school English, coached girls' basketball, taught drama, and then later finished her career with over 20 years of teaching 5th and 6th graders. My dad taught high school industrial arts and then had a long career as an assistant principal on the high school level. And trust me, they had plenty to say about the role of parents in children's education. I heard it all as I grew up. But it wasn't until I became a parent myself that I really valued what they had to say about parenting a student and working alongside teachers.

So here are a few of the tested and true pointers my mom and dad taught me about being the kind of parent that teachers can count on and work with. I first heard them while they were talking with other teachers on the telephone, over a Tab in the teachers' lounge, or at dinner, but later I found out my parents knew what they were talking about. 

How to be the Teacher's Pet (Parent)
Well, I think I've offered enough of my advice on this matter. I was no perfect parent, and, as I suggested, I probably even got on the wrong side of a few teachers! But I knew that cooperating with and partnering with my children's instructors was key to their success in school.

Please share! What do you do to help your child's teacher succeed in his or her mission? We'd all love to know!

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