And This is Even More Awkward

It's funny to me that my last post (way back on October 16) was titled "Now That's Awkward." Why? Because how could anything be more awkward than finally returning to a blog you haven't posted on in almost a month!?

Do you remember my name? I'm Kay. I used to blog here. Ah, yes! Now you remember. Faintly?

I'm not sure anyone even cares, but in case you do, I've been traveling in the northeastern portion of our country, speaking at conferences and enjoying fun vacations with my husband and with my best gal pal. I've been places I've never been, met people I hadn't met, and done things I've never done before. And it was all such a blast!

But I'm back now.

I'll be traveling again in less than a month - first back east to Georgia and then west to Oregon - but I'm back here for good. I'll be blogging at least a couple of times a week again. And I do so hope I haven't lost your acquaintance for good! Please do drop in every so often to see what's going on. I know it's awkward re-establishing a waning relationship, but I hope you'll find it worth it.

Tomorrow... another entry in that series I start oh so long ago..."Is That Really So Bad?" We'll be talking about that little green sin...jealousy. I hope you'll stop by!