Who Will You Bless Today?

"You need to write that book, Kay, because you have something important to say. I know God's hand is on your ministry."

"You're a good mom. Your children are blessed to have been raised by you."

"You're such a good friend. I'm so thankful for you!"

What do these three statements have in common, besides the fact that they all make me feel warm and fuzzy and special inside? They're blessings.

A blessing is simply something we speak over another person that reminds them of their calling, encourages them to pursue that calling, and confirms that they are significant in God's eyes. A blessing confers hope, purpose, destiny, and courage. It gives the weary a little more strength and stamina, the discouraged a new dose of commitment, the aimless a direction, and the hopeless a kick in the pants.

A blessing bestows honor and respect. It reminds a person who they were created to be and helps them get back on track to being or becoming that person.

One of the clearest examples in the Bible of a blessing sorely needed and a blessing wisely given is found in the story of David and Abigail in 1 Samuel 25:26-31. I won't bother to print the passage here, but you can click on the link I provided and read this beautiful, powerful, and rich story on your own. It's one of my favorites.

But the reason I love Abigail so much is that she delivers a blessing at just the moment one is desperately needed. David is behaving foolishly, rashly, out for vengence. But Abigail, desiring to save her household from harm and her future king from wrecking his destiny, returns David to his senses and his calling with just a few powerful and blessed words.

She shows him honor and respect. She reminds him that God has called him to a unique and important job. She helps him remember who he is and who he wants to be. She points him in a new direction and paints a vivid picture of the outcome. She gives him hope and courage and sanity and vision.

Have you been blessed by the words of others? Think about that. Has someone said something to you recently that reminded you of God's calling on your life? Have they encouraged you to be all you were created to be? Have they helped you get back on track or get going? Have they lifted your gaze and encouraged your heart?

Ah, words of blessing. They breathe life into our weary spirits, sanity into our fretful minds, courage into our hurting hearts, and purpose and into our wayward souls. Blessings open our eyes to the good, put the bad in proper perspective, and, yes, put the responsibility back on our shoulders. But blessings also give us the strength to fulfill that responsibility with grace and dignity.

Who might you bless today? Look around you.

Do you know a weary mom who needs to be reminded that she has such a noble calling? Tell her that God, in all his sovereignty and wisdom, chose her to mother those precious children, and He knew what He was doing.

Do you know a teenager who feels ugly, unpopular and awkward? Tell them God has a purpose for them, and that purpose is good and rich and beautiful. Tell them God has made them beautiful and given them great worth. Tell them they are enough.

Do you know a widow who has lost the blessings of her dear mate? Tell her she is remembered and thought of often. Tell her she still has a valuable purpose. Tell her she was a good wife. Tell her she is loved and cherished.

Words of blessing. Give some away today.

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