50 Golden Scriptures

I'm getting a little closer to that Golden Birthday every day. Of course you are, too. But I'm really close. So I'm posting a series of Golden Lists as some sort of mind game to get myself all prepared and all. I'll let you know how that's working when we get into February...

Since last week's list was so extremely self-aggrandizing, I think it's only appropriate to go to the other extreme this week. And besides that, this list will actually be much easier for me to compile than the last one. I thought I had 50 tips for good living, but after about the first 10 I really started struggling.

On the other hand, scripture has been my lifesaver absolutely all my life. I don't know what I'd be or do without the Word of God. I am so glad He has spoken to us, not only through the precious gift of His Son, but also through His living, breathing Word. It truly breathes life into my soul every day that I bother to open it. And fortunately, that's most days.

If you ever take note of one thing I write on this blog, please let it be this one thing: Open your Bible and read it...every day. It is life.

Ok. Enough preaching. Here is my list of 50 Golden Scriptures that have indeed breathed God's transforming power into my life. You will see in this list words of comfort and conviction, words of instruction and insight, words of mystery and marvel, words of prayer and promise. How did I choose these particular scriptures (because surely there are many others that have resonated powerfully with me over the course of my life)? These are all scriptures I have written into my meditation albums and memorized in recent years, so these are perhaps the freshes on my heart right now. They are securely planted in my heart, and they continue to feed my soul.

50 Golden Scriptures

Satisfied...at Last Scriptures
Soul Satisfying Scriptures
Did one of these verses resonate with you today? I'd love to know. And do you have a verse that you are memorizing and eating these days that you would share with me?

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