Can We Hear What You Heard?

"Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops." (Matthew 10:27)

Some things just aren't to be repeated. And we've all gotten in trouble at some point for sharing something, perhaps even innocently, and realizing later we never should have passed on to another what we heard from someone else.

But Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 10:27 to feel free to speak in broad daylight what He had shared with them, even what He'd shared in private conversations, hushed tones, solemn moments. And He even charged them to shout from the housetops those things He had spoken plainly to them.

Do you share freely what God has spoken to you? Do you let others in on what your spirit heard the Holy Spirit say? Do you speak up when Jesus has answered you, directed you, given you fresh hope, or even convicted you?

I am so grateful for the many times friends or family members have shared with me the things God has taught them. And I'm even thankful for the times I've sat in a crowded room and heard the sweet, humble testimony of a fellow sojourner, one who didn't necessarily know he or she was speaking to the very issue I needed addressed, but was used by God to minister to my needs.

When someone opens up enough to let me in on the intimate and sometimes heart wrenching work God is doing in their life, it gives me hope. It reminds me that God answers prayers, changes lives, and still moves. Plus, sometimes I can learn from their testimony instead of having to travel that same path myself. Hearing what someone else heard God say to them provides precious insight, renewal, encouragement and hope.

Granted, there's a time and place, right? And there's "a way" to share and a "wrong way" to share, right? Proverbs 25:11 says that the right word spoken at the right time is precious and delightful. So there's definitely something to be said for a little discernment. And, from personal experience, there's often something to be said for brevity and discretion, too, especially in a public setting. But we'll leave that side of the equation right there, and move on.

Because I think the greater temptation most of us grapple with is the temptation to keep quiet about the things the Lord has shared with us. Whether we think they're too personal, too fragile (we haven't quite achieved success in that area perhaps) or even too insignificant, we cling to those things Jesus spoke to us in the dark like the last match in a match box. But we'd be better off striking that match by voicing our revelation to someone else so they can share in the insight or even, quite honestly, let us know that hey, you're way off way the God of the Bible said that to you! Know what I mean?

Friend, let us hear what you hear. When I type these blog posts, don't think there's not always a little fear and trepidation. I've not arrived. I'm not a more successful or accomplished or perfected believer than you. I'm just sharing what I've heard. And sometimes, quite honestly, it's not even "fully baked."

But people tell me they get something from the little things I share. That's not because I write wonderfully or have such grand insight. It's simply because we all need to know there's someone else on the path with us, whether they're a little further down the way or right behind us or even going down a side trail we've never been on. We benfit from hearing what others have heard.

Testify. Tell us about it. Let us hear what you've heard.

What prayer has God answered for you recently? What encouragement has He spoken into your heart? What challenge has He given you? Share with someone today.

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