50 Lessons Learned Along the Way

I'm almost 50! Agghh! But I'm approaching the big day with joy and gratitude. Today I'm continuing my series of 50 Golden Posts with 50 Lessons Learned.

These are simply little (and not so little) lessons I've learned along the way. Some of them are profound truths while others are silly little nuggets of conventional wisdom. Tell me what you think.

50 Lessons Learned Along the Way

It occurs to me that this particular list almost takes on the feel of a final words and testament. Oh, I hope it's not. I'm just turning fifty, hopefully, not dying! But God has indeed been good to share some good lessons with me over the years. And you do know, I hope, that while I've listed them as lessons learned, most of them are lessons I'm still trying to wrap my feeble brain around! After all, I'm 49, not 89!

Do you have a life lesson or two you'd like to share with me, especially one concerning aging gracefully or getting perspective at this time in my life? I'd love to hear it!

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