When the Going Gets Tough...the Tough Get Practical

Don't let that title fool you. When it comes to getting to the other side of a difficult personal struggle, the real issues are always spiritual. God is at work amidst the mayhem and pain and disorder and change. And complete and uninhibited cooperation with Him is the only way to get through.

This post is part of a series on getting through Personal Struggles.
But I've also found that there are some very practical, tangible things I can do in the difficult moments, when the pain feels overwhelming, the minutes seem to drag, the temptation to jump ahead of God is great and the emotions are running high. These are the moments when I need to silence the voices of the enemy in my head, cling to truth and do something to lift my spirits. Know what I mean?

While my hair was wrapped in little pieces of foil and I was sitting under the dryer at the beauty shop recently, I read an interesting article about practical things to do to lift your mood after a break-up. Of course my series of posts here relate to more than just romantic splits, and this magazine was a secular one, offering nothing of seeking the Lord or yielding to the Holy Spirit. But it got me to thinking about some of the things I've learned to do when I've needed to shift gears during a difficult season.

So, since the weekend is upon us and you may find yourself with extra time on your hands, even as you continue to battle on through your personal struggle, I offer you a list of simple, practical and tangible things you might do when the going gets too tough to handle.

When your personal struggle is overwhelming you, you might:
Now, here are some things you should not do when the going gets tough and you feel overwhelmed:
In case you just wandered over here today and you're not clear on this, I'm not suggesting you get through your difficult days with these simple little remedies. I'm all about having a good, thorough, heart-felt meeting with the Lord first thing every morning. And I'm all for seeking wise counsel from godly friends, and praying with them. And I'm definitely, most certainly all about meditating on and memorizing biblical truth that speaks to your issues. God alone is the answer to our deepest woes...and our smallest ones.

But I know from experience, that there are a lot of little moments between your quiet time with God in the morning and your vespers at night. And while I'm all for praying without ceasing, I do believe I've even heard God speak to me recently, "Kay, I've got this. Now go along and play!" But, of course, sometimes I still don't feel like playing. So those are the moments when I need to busy my hands, keep my eyes on something other than myself, and occupy my mind with something useful but light. That is the time when God is at work, behind the scenes, in the quiet. And if I can keep myself busy and happily occuppied during that time, He can work with me out of His way. That's when He can change my heart, right my attitude, redirect my steps, shed a little light and refocus me. 

Let me know what simple, practical things you've found helpful to get you through the difficult moments and lift your spirits.

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