High Ho! High Ho! Off to Ohio I Go!

Today I'm travelling to Independence, Ohio!


Alone! Ugh!

I almost always travel with my dear friend and ministry assistant Kim or some other sweet helper to these speaking engagements.

Me and Kim visiting with Ruth Cowles,
 Women's Ministry Director at Olathe Bible Church in
Olathe, Kansas, last spring.
In the past I've also been accompanied by my husband James, my daughter Abby, my mom Louise or some other sweet friend. But this time I'm flying up to the top of Ohio into brand new territory all...a...lone.

And I'm not trying to make anyone feel guilty or bad for me by letting you in on this little tidbit. It just turned out this time that I would need to venture out solo. And, hey! God knows what He's doing. He's got my back on this. I'm totally confident of that. But I did want to ask you to say an extra little prayer for me as I try to manage all the travel details and my speaking assignment and my resource table all by my lonesome.

Not that I'll be left on my own completely, mind you. I've been assured that the good ladies of Community Church of Portage Lakes will be right there at my beck and call to help me out, and I have no doubt that that will prove to be true. I'm always so blessed by the amazing graciousness shown to me on these trips. And I absolutely cannot wait to meet Traci, the coordinator, and her team. These women-who-minister-to-women always bless my socks (or tights) off!

Any hoo...'cause this is not all about me, mind you...would you please be praying for the women of Community Church as we gather this weekend for their annual women's retreat in Independence, Ohio? We'll be learning about how our hungry souls get us in all sorts of trouble and how God's mighty, powerful and true Word can get us out of that trouble. We'll be learning how to be Satisfied...at Last!

Pray for 

Thank you, sweet prayer warriors, for praying for me and these dear ladies. It means more than you'll ever know. Especially since this time the only thing accompanying me on this journey will be your prayers...and, of course, sweet Jesus Himself! Praise Him ahead of time! He is so faithful!

Will you pause right now and pray a sweet, short and simple prayer for me and the ladies of Community Church? Thanks so much!

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