She's My Priority This Week

Abby's home! Yay! It's University of Arizona's spring break, so my college girl has returned to our nest.

So that's why this post is so short and my final promised posts about 7 Keys for Spiritual Growth are so non-existent. This week, Abigail is my priority. I love spending time with my young lady. We've shopped, eaten out, cooked her favorite meals, gone for walks, talked about everything under the sun, and watched Season 4 of Downton Abbey.

And, while squeezing in a few writing assignments that are due soon and catching up on my Bible study (yes, I get behind, too!), I'm going to continue to spend all the time I can get with her. After all, this summer she will not be here; she'll be in Oregon, working at the Cannon Beach Conference Center where I spoke this past January. I'm so thrilled for her, but I'll miss her, too. So I'll not spare a moment this week that I get with my precious girl!

I'll see you next week, I hope, as I continue to share the 7 Keys for Spiritual Growth. Meanwhile, share with me:

What is your priority this week? Spring cleaning, planning your summer vacation, getting ready for a move, hunkering down on school work? I'd love to know what has your attention this week!

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