Alone? Walk with Me a Minute...

It's early morning, just after my run. I sit on my back porch, drinking my coffee in solitude and thinking about the work I must do this day...most of it in my home office, with music piped in from the family room and dogs occasionally barking, but, otherwise, alone.

God has had me in an "alone" season for some time now. Make no mistake about it, I'm getting out and about, lunching, and chatting with friends at church. My phone receives friendly texts throughout the day, and my husband and I have been walking and talking more than ever. I have plenty of people in my life.

I'm not completely by my lonesome.

But I feel alone at times. Maybe you do, too.

I'm still getting used to my son living 1,000+ miles away and my daughter being away at college (and packing to spend the summer in Oregon). My spring speaking season is over, so I am not out meeting new people as often. My weekly women's Bible studies at church have ceased until next August, so the absolute social "highlight of my week," when I get to hang with my most precious gals and talk about sweet, spiritual treasures has disappeared from my calendar temporarily.

Still, it's not like I can't pick up the phone to call someone or run out to join the masses at Starbucks, right?

And yet, I know God has me in this "alone" place for a reason. So to pick up the phone or spend hours on Facebook or run to the mall would defeat the purpose.

I'm not just physically alone right now. I'm walking through some things alone.

And you, undoubtedly, are, too. 

Some things we just have to do on our own...

by ourselves...

without anyone else.

But I'm choosing to embrace the "alone" rather than run from it. And I want to encourage you to do the same.

Whether you feel alone because...
this I know...

You are never really alone.

First of all, the God of this universe...huge, mighty, awesome, holy and grand...loves you so much that He chooses to focus on you. His eye is on you at all times. (Psalm 32:8) Not only does He never "lose sight of" you; He intentionally pursues you, summons you, thinks upon you. (Isaiah 43:1) He is with you.

And then consider this. It is good to be alone with Him. God does amazing things in the privacy of our One-on-one relationship with Him. 

You're in good company in your "aloneness."

When they were alone, God...
Don't be afraid of alone. Embrace it. Invite God into it. He's already there, in fact, waiting to do amazing things in your lonely place. If you're walking through something alone, take the hand of the One who walked to His death in a throng a people, but all alone. He's there...waiting to take you on a unique adventure, just you and Him.

I'm not alone in encouraging you today. 
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