The Sweet Voice in My Head - Meet Holley Gerth

Today I want to introduce you to one of the sweet voices that has been speaking truth and grace into my life lately. Her words have resonated with me, but more importantly, God has used her simple but profound book to bring some healing and rest to my soul.

I met Holley Gerth at the She Speaks Conference last July. Actually, unhappy with the discussion table I had been assigned to for a particular breakout session on branding, I crashed Holley's table, not even knowing who she was. Immediately I knew, table crasher or not, I was in the right place. This young, beautiful woman radiated intangible and priceless things like hope and peace and gentleness. I was in love (in the most proper sense of the expression, of course!).

But months went by before I thought of Holley again. I moved a son to Seattle, moved a daughter to Tucson, and moved myself through some difficult circumstances. After all that moving and adjusting I became weary. And that's when the Lord brought Holley back into my life.

I came across Holley's newest book quite by divine accident. You see, I wasn't feeling so okay that day. And that's why I had escaped my office and run off to the nearest thing we have to a bookstore to find something to get my mind off of the things of life. And the sweet Lord directed me to this pretty yellow book with a title that lunged at me and grabbed my heart:

Now I've been through some rough stuff this year that has torn at my heart and hammered at my mind and left me feeling a little battered and bruised for the wear at times. And this book was for me. But the tender words in this heartfelt book are not just intended for the woman who has endured a season of pain or trial. They are meant for every woman...who has a bad day or week...who struggles with unfulfilled dreams...who hurts over relationship fractures...who is frustrated at work...who feels defeated as a mom...who wonders what happened to her marriage...who has faced rejection...every woman.

Here are the three things I love most about Holley's book:

Oh, and one more thing. Holley is so believable. That's important to me as a reader. I want to know that the author is engaged with me, the reader, all the way. That she believes what she's saying and that she's speaking to me out of passion and sincerity. This woman is lovely. And her book is, too. Actually, it's been a lifesaver for me. I don't mean to sound melodramatic, but that's just the honest truth. Holley, out of her obedience to God's calling on her life, got me back on my feet again. (Thank you, Holley.)

My church's summer book club is reading You're Going to Be Okay this summer. We'll be getting together to discuss it at the end of the summer. I invite you to join us in reading Holley's words of encouragement and hope. 

Holley doesn't even know I'm posting this endorsement on my blog. Her publisher doesn't either. I paid for my book. And I've paid for several more since then to give to women who needed it just like I did. I don't have one to offer you as a give-away because I'm plumb out of funds. But I hope you'll get your own and read it. :)

In case you didn't catch the links in the post,

Here's where you can meet Holley.

***when I clicked on the link Thursday morning, Holley's web site was under maintenance. You may have to visit later. Keep trying. It's worth it!***

And here's where you can order the book on

What are you reading this summer? What have you read that you'd like to recommend to me and other readers?

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