Overcome? Or an Overcomer?

Sweet sister, are you at the end...of your rope, of your wits, of your list of solutions? Does it seem that your problems have become so tangled and mangled that there is no way to unravel them? Maybe your troubles have been brewing for such a long period of time that you can't even remember what life was like before they all began.

And you feel overcome.

Overcome with the enormity of the situation. Overcome with responsibility. Overcome with shame. Overcome with guilt. Overcome with remorse. Overcome with the dark shadows surrounding the relationship or situation. Overcome with the bleak future.

I know it may seem that you are in too deep to ever swim to the surface. How can you possibly get "on top of things" when they are weighing upon you, right?

Truthfully, when I've listened to some women describe the difficult situations and relationship problems they are in, I've wondered if there was any hope. It certainly didn't seem like there was any solution, any hope.

But God's Word assures us that instead of being overcome we can be overcomers. And let's get this straight. We don't just have to be survivors either. Victims survive, right? But overcomers are not victims; overcomers are victors. And don't you want to be victorious?

Jesus came to earth, 
died and rose again 
so we could be victorious overcomers
not surviving victims.

You may be in a grand mess. I get that. But, while you may have to untangle the mess strand by tattered strand, you need to undertake that endeavor with the right attitude, the right mindset.

You need to think like an overcomer, not a victim. Here's how:

Do not be overcome by evil,
but overcome evil with good.
(Romans 12:21)

You're absolutely right, sweet sister, you may be in a mess that seemingly offers no way out. But you can choose to be a victim...of someone else's mistakes or your own...or you can chose to be an overcomer. However, while the world will tell you that you "overcome" by insisting on your way, by getting out of the marriage, by walking away, or by forcing your will, you don't. 

You overcome evil...with good.

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