What's Your Big Deal?

Today may seem mundane or extraordinary. You may have plans; you may have planned to have none. You may have put your makeup on and your cute shoes, and be heading out and about. Or, like me, you may have put on some clothes you found lying around your room and skipped the makeup, knowing that you have no intention of drawing attention.

Regardless, this is the day that God has made for one spectacular purpose. Makeup or no. Cute shoes or flip flops. Big plans or mundane chores. God has called each of us to one over-the-top, momentous opportunity.

Today we have a prime chance to make a big deal of our God.

Whether we're making appointments on the phone, standing in line at the post office, running copies in the copy room, sorting through the concerns of our family members, shopping on line, wiping noses and sticky hands, or serving trays of food to hungry customers, we get to show off the Lover of our Souls. We get to sing His praises, point out His benefits, brag about His faithfulness, give Him our allegiance, rest in His strong arms, and call upon His name in the company of others.

Let's not let 24 hours go by without making big over our God. That's the one thing we're all called to do today. We may do it differently, with various personalities, dressed in unique styles, with words or without. But we all get to make a big deal about our God.

How will you draw attention to your God today? How will you reflect His glory in your life?

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