6 Ways to Make this Move Easier on Your Soul - 4

It's funny how the little things matter so much more when you can no longer lay your hands on them. Mayonnaise was mayonnaise to me until I looked with dismay at the grocery display and found no Hellman's. Of course, when I finally got my breathing back to normal and the room stopped spinning, I noticed that the Best mayonnaise jar looked awfully similar to the Hellman's jar I had been familiar with. "Ok, but it better be the same!" It was.

I still can't buy White Lilly Flour where I live. It was a staple in my home in Georgia. 'Cause I made all those biscuits and pie crusts, you know. Well, I made one or two of each. But it was the principle of the matter really. A Southern cook has to have White Lilly Flour in her pantry. So for years I would lug a bag home in my suitcase each time I visited my mom in Georgia.

Moving carries with it stresses other than packing up, trucking it across the country and unpacking. There are little hiccups all along the way, both in the transition and in the settling in, that you really can't fully anticipate. Well, you can't anticipate the specifics.

But I encourage you to anticipate the unforseeble, all the same.

Consider this fair warning: You will encounter surprises.

The good news is that while some of those surprises may seem unpleasant and undesirable, many will in fact be sweet and delightful. If, however, you are so thrown off guard by the unpleasant and undesirable you just may miss and underappreciate the sweet, delightful and wonderful.

So here are a few things you might just need to open your eyes to...before you ever even make the move:

Yeah. You might as well go ahead and anticipate a few glitches. But in anticipating those glitches, I encourage you also to anticipate handling them with grace and style

Determine ahead of time to roll with the punches. I'm giving you this little fair warning not so you can load your weapons and blast anyone who looks at you wide-eyed when they don't know what you're talking about (Brunswick stew? What's that?) or thinks you talk funny. (Oh, did I mention that your accent, whatever it is, will not go unnoticed?) I encourage you to anticipate these annoying, frustrating hiccups so that they will not be quite as annoying or half as frustrating. Instead you can chuckle to yourself, grin with recognition and give a little grace.

Because here's what else you can anticipate. If you adopt the attitude of grace and enthusisasm, you can expect to find that:
There will be hiccups when you move. Anticipate them so that you can be ready to dole out grace and go with the flow. Meanwhile, prepare yourself to try new things, meet new people, bend in new directions. If you'll give a little grace, you'll find yourself enjoying your new surroundings more than you ever anticipated.

Can you think of other little glitches we ought to warn those on the move about? Please chime in if you can think of things they need to anticipate...so they can be ready to give a little grace!

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