How to Spice Things Up with the Love of Your Life

Even the sweetest of relationships can occasionally grow stale. But we eagerly invest in that which we cherish. So today I'd like to offer you a few tips - that I've tried, tested and found to be worthwhile - for bringing renewed passion and delight to your most important relationship.

First of all, I suggest you meet the lover of your soul consistently where He can always be found: in His Word.

Oops. Did you think we were talking about your marriage?

Hmm. I guess I should have explained earlier. The tips I'm offering you today are for building renewed intimacy and passion...with Jesus, the true lover of your soul, your all-in-all, the love of your life and your soulmate. Surprised?

Friend, it is wise and necessary to do our part in keeping our relationship with Jesus fresh. He certainly does His.
The lover of your soul does His part. But the wise woman knows that as she practically and intentionally invests her time and energy in her Lover, her affection for Him will grow and multiply and intensify. 

The Bible says that if we seek God with all our heart He will be found and known. It also says that only those who seek Him passionately will be allowed into the secret or private and personal chambers of relationship with Him. We can all know the Lord; but intimacy is reserved for the one who seeks it passionately and with priority.

So here are a few suggestions for doing just that. 
Can you think of additional ways to build and nurture intimacy in your relationship with Jesus? I'd love to hear them.

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