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Kay's Newest Bible Study
Optional Teaching DVDs

Can God really heal your wounded heart?
Even if He can, won't you always bear scars?

Whether your heart was broken by someone thoughtless or someone cruel, someone from your past or someone in the next room, someone who left or someone you lost, God can heal your hurting heart. And even if your pain wasn't inflicted by a person at all, but you were the victim of cruel circumstances, your heart can be healed.

The Genesis account of Joseph - loved and favored by his father, but despised and rejected by his jealous brothers - shows us how to keep a soft and teachable heart during our most difficult days. If you'll walk with Joseph from the pit to the prison to the palace, you will gain perspective and practical tools for healing in this seven-week, verse-by-verse Bible study. Appropriate for individual or group use, this study features an optional "zero week" to help you develop a foundational understanding of Joseph and his unique familiy if you are not familiar with their stories.

Join Kay as she delves beyond the facts and faces of Joseph's story and dwells more on this amazing man's heart. You'll find hope and healing for yesterday's hurts and tomorrow's trials.

$15 each plus shipping

For the first time, Kay is pleased to offer teaching DVDs that complement this Bible study. Each of the eight sessions in the set are approximately 25 minutes in length and they provide additional teaching beyond what is covered in the workbook. So, while you will find the videos to be helpful and enjoyable, they are not necessary for completing the book. If you enjoy hearing the author's heart and voice, however, you will certainly want to include these teaching videos in your study.

Below is the short preview for the study:

DVDs are not available quite yet. They are still being packaged. But they will be available by September 20th at the latest. Check back for updates. It could be sooner!!!

Satisfied...at Last! Conference 
3-session conference on 3 CDs
now available!!! 

In this 3-session CD set of Kay's Satisfied...at Last Conference (recorded live at Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue, Washington, February, 2012), Kay teaches you how to identify what "hungry" looks like on you, after first showing you what it looked like on herself and on the Samaritan woman at the well. She also teaches you how to taste of the Bread of Life and see that it is good and completely satisfying. Kay teaches you how to eat daily from the Bread of Life so that you no longer operate on empty. Finally, she gives you a glimpse of what life will look like when you become a woman who is truly Satisfied...at Last! This series is based on Isaiah 55.

Hundreds of women have remarked on the power of this 3-session conference. Kay has presented this conference in numerous states as well as internationally. If you are interested in booking Kay for a one, two, or three-day Satisfied...at Last! Conference, contact her here. You may purchase the CD set below for $18 plus shipping.

Free SAL Bible Study Audio Downloads by Kay
These downloadable lessons from Kay's Bible study Satisfied...at Last! also include PDFs of the listening guides. And the best part is it's all free and available to you! Note: These are not the same as the above Satisfied at Last Conference messages. These are teaching lessons that accompany the Bible study, which you may purchase below. A Taste of Satisfaction.

A 31-Day Devotional Guide
by Kay Harms

Does your soul hunger for unconditional love, a sense of significance, a hearty dose of security, or an intimate transparency with someone who knows you through and through? we all have hungry souls. But unless we are going to Jesus, the bread of life, to have those soul hungers satisfied, we are undoubtedly searching for satisfaction in all the wrong places.

A Taste of Satisfaction offers you the opportunity to meet Jesus, the One who can truly satisfy your every desire, in the pages of the Bible for 31 days. You'll learn to meditate on the truth of God's Word so that it meets your needs for love, significance, security, and anything else your hungry soul craves. And you'll have the opportunity to taste and see that the Lord is good!

A Taste of Satisfaction is available for just $12 at this web site. For quantities over 10, please contact Kay through this web site on the Contact Kay page for discount prices.


Satisfied...at Last! 
New - by Kay Harms – Available Now! 

Satisfied...at Last! is a 6-week Bible study in which Kay guides women to look to the Bread of Life to have their every soul hunger satisfied. “So many women are running from one thing to another, one person to another or one experience to another, looking for that elusive fulfillment our souls crave,” says Kay. “I know, because I was one of those women for such a long time.” Even though Kay has walked with the Lord since she was nine years old, she couldn’t understand how a God she couldn’t see could satisfy her every desire. When she identified with the Samaritan woman who encountered Jesus at the well, she realized she could finally put her water jar down and drink from the fountain of Living Water. She just needed to know how. 

Satisfied...at Last! takes women step by step through the process Kay learned from biblical precepts and principles about how God satisfies our souls. It's a great book for individual or group study and includes discussion questions at the end of each week-long unit. Kay is also making leader helps available upon request through this web site. Just contact her through the "Contact" button and let her know you are interested in the leader helps.

What others are saying about 
Satisfied...at Last!

"This Bible study is wonderful! It is a great word from God for women today. Thank you for allowing God to speak through you with such transparency!"
-- M., Study Leader, Georgia 

"I quit smoking half-way through this study. I saw I was using cigarettes to try to fill that empty place inside of me. No more. Now I've learned how to be truly satisfied."
-- K., Arizona

"This is what I was looking for all along. For someone just to tell me how to have God fill that hunger that I've had for so long. I don't expect it to be an easy walk. I know it will take work on my part, but at least now I know what I am supposed  to do...Thank you, Kay, for following your heart and God and writing this study. I'm sure everyone who does this study will feel the same way..., but I truly feel like this study was meant just for me." 
-- T., Texas

"The plan for feeding our souls through meditating on Scripture has made such a huge difference in my life. I've been studying the Bible for years, but I didn't know how to eat it. I didn't even know I needed to eat it! Now and do and I'm truly satisfied." 
-- T., Arizona

"Kay, you are just a gifted communicator. You touched a nerve with the ladies in my group like no other study we've done. You've really hit on something here and more of my ladies stuck with this study and completed it than any other Bible study -- and I've taught a lot of them! I think this message just really resonates with today's woman."
-- K., Study Leader, Texas


You can also order multiple copies of Satisfied...at Last! from Kay at this web site. Just send her an e-mail through the "Contact Kay" button, provide contact information and information about how many books you would like to order. Kay will get back with you quickly. She offers free shipping on orders of 10 or more books.

The View From My Front Porch 
by Kay Harms

Kay’s four-week Bible study The View From My Front Porch offers a distinctively female approach to developing a biblical worldview. This respected Bible teacher and author takes you to the ancient words of the Bible to frame a sound, biblical view of a modern woman’s world. You’ll gain a better understanding of how your current worldview has been shaped, learn how to look at the world from God’s perspective, take a fresh look at some cultural hot topics, and finish with a look at biblical womanhood. 

This Bible study is appropriate for individual study or group participation. A Leader’s Guide is also available, providing Bible teachers with teaching outlines and listening guides to enhance a group’s participation.

Order The View from My Front Porch for just $15/copy here.

What others are saying about The View From My Front Porch:

"This is one of the best Bible studies I've ever done. It's the only one that I have been completely captivated by. I did every single day of the study and never missed a discussion group. It was challenging and really helped me see what God says about issues Christians face in this world. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a blessing!"
Kimberly Norris
Whetstone, AZ

"This is a study that women in the church need today. We all need to be aware of how the world's views seep into our thinking, and we need to be on the alert. This study prepares you to be alert."
Wanda Calton
Mabank, TX

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