Jury Duty = Just a List

Today I am being a good American and showing up for jury duty. Quite honestly, I'm hoping I don't have to be so good as to actually serve on a jury, but if that is my lot I'll take it with a good attitude...even if my throat is hurting, which it is.

So, because I'm off doing my duty today, you just get a brief list. Now don't enjoy this little ditty too much because I plan to be back on the "Read Through the Bible and Talk About It" trail tomorrow...assuming I"m not deliberating in some hot little room with 11 new friends.

My friend over at Carpool Queen regales us with a list of some sort most every day. She cracks me up before I get to number 2. Do not expect that here. I'm not nearly as naturally funny as she is. But I'm sending you her way in case you'd like to check out whatever she's listing today. Just promise me you'll come back.

  1. You can read Carpool Queen's most recent happenings here. Have fun and then come back. I mean it.
  2. My husband went and just sat there with someone who was grieving deeply yesterday. Actually he probably did more than sit. He's good with words at those times while I am not. I probably should have gone with him, but I did not. I guess you'd call that not practicing what I'm preaching. You got me there. I just couldn't go. If I told you the details, which I won't because those are someone's personal details, you'd probably understand why I didn't go, but all the same... If you're wondering why I'm going on and on about this you probably didn't read this post. Read it and you'll know what a louse I am.
  3. I love watching the Pioneer Woman's new cooking show on the Food Network. I watched Saturday and headed straight for the grocery store to buy me a pot roast and veggies, blackberries for a cobbler, and arugula for a pizza. That's right, I said arugula for a pizza. The pizza wasn't my favorite, but I have the cobbler in the oven (you caught me...I'm actually writing this on Sunday evening), and I know it's going to be great. The roast is for tomorrow/today so it can cook in the crock pot while I"m doing my civic duty. I expect to be aptly rewarded when I get home this evening and the aroma knocks me off my tired feet!
  4. Did I mention my throat is scratchy? Like that pre-sick scratchy? Not happy about that.
  5. While I didn't go and "just sit there" (like I should have), I did "let it out" this past Friday. Got some bad news. Yucky, phewy, blaaak news! And I told Him all about it. And He took it and took it and took it. He's so good to me. I just love Him to pieces. I really do. And He loves me too.
  6. I'm about to wrap up a book I've been writing for a while now. It's a devotional book meant to follow my Bible study, Satisifed...at Last! The working title is A Taste of Satisfaction. Would you pray for me as I bring it to a close, hopefully in the next couple of weeks (depending on whether or not I'm sequestered...)? I'd really appreciate all the prayer I can summons for this project.
  7. I had the best time speaking to a group of moms in Benson, Arizona, last Thursday. I just want to give them a shout out here and ask you to pray for them. Just pray God's blessing on that bunch and that would do nicely. After all, there's never a day a mom couldn't use an extra prayer on her behalf.
  8. My daddy turned ...something... older....yesterday. (I know how old he is, but he might not want me to say, otherwise I would.) I'd like to give him a shout out too. He is hands down the best daddy in the world. Don't even try to leave a comment telling me otherwise because I have the power of deletion, you know. He's just the best and I'm so glad he's mine.
  9. Here's the scripture I'm meditating on lately: Humble yourself in the presence of the Lord, and He will exalt you. (James 4:10) What are you meditating on? Something better than your bank statement, the number on the scales, or what you're having for dinner, I hope. Get you a Word from the Lord and put your mind there, for Pete's sake!
  10. Thank you for reading my little list, sweet friend. I really do hope you have a splendid week. If my tone has sounded a little puny, it's just my sore throat. I'm a weenie about getting sick.
I'd love to hear from you!