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Today I have a special treat for you. At least, I think it's a pretty neat post.

Yesterday I began teaching a new unit of my Bible study Satisfied...at Last! at my church. I have two wonderful groups of ladies taking the course with me. We began the study yesterday by talking about what it means to have hungry souls and satisfied souls. And one of the things I mentioned in the lesson is that there are many valid soul desires. While most psychiatrists and counselors will tell you there are at least three predominant things we all desire deep down in our souls, there really could be any number. But the top three are:
  1. unconditional love
  2. a sense of significance
  3. security
We all crave these things. I believe there are many other desires of the soul that are simply various shades of these three basic "food groups," if you will. But for today I'd like to address the desire for security. And I want to do that by giving you a taste of God's satisfying food for that particular hunger straight from my new devotional book A Taste of Satisfaction.

This 31-day devotional guide is written much the same way Sarah Young's Jesus Calling is written. It's written from the voice of Jesus, based completely on Scripture, because that is what I believe feeds the soul: the Bread of Life.

See if these words, meant to be read as though they are coming straight from Jesus' mouth, feed your desire for security. There are six devotional entries in the book that are meant to feed the desire for security, but this particular entry is spiritual food for the need for security in times of conflict.

From A Taste of Satisfaction:

And you have seen all that the Lord your God 
has done to all these nations because of you, 
for the Lord your God is He who has been fighting for you.
(Joshua 23:3)

I am for you. I hope such faithfulness encourages and strengthens you. I know there must be days when it seems that everyone is against you or at least that no one is truly, one hundred percent for you. But I am.

 Truly, you must fight your share of battles in this world. Keep in mind that the enemy is not flesh and blood--your disconnected husband, your demanding boss, your disobedient child, your dramatic sister, or your disagreeable co-worker--but the spiritual powers of this world. The devil is out to steal, kill and destroy--your joy, your testimony, your marriage, your family, your church...anything I have established--and you must stand firm against him. You will have to wage these very real battles with spiritual weapons, which find their basis in My Word and in prayer.

Still, there may be times when people lend themselves to the schemes of the enemy, and their words, actions, and attitudes hurt you like the sharp edge of a sword. In those times, you may feel the urge to pick up your worldly weapons--piercing glares, cutting dismissals, jabbing sarcasm, poisonous slander, razor sharp accusations, biting remarks--and fight back. Don't.

These are battles you must let Me fight for you. I promise to defend your honor, preserve your integrity, protect your heart, and shield you from any fatal blows. But you must not stoop to rolling around in the dirt with other people, regardless of how enemy-like they may seem. I repeat: they are not the real enemy.

In fact, they are people I love. Sometimes that may be hard for you to fathom, considering they have treated you rather poorly. In fact, they may have done you great harm, serious injury. Still I love them. And, to the extent they will let Me, I am at work in their lives, drawing them to Me, teaching them about My love, giving mercy, offering them salvation, and creating in them a new heart. And, to put it to you gently, when you pull out your weapons and start fighting back, your interference hinders My work in their lives. So I am asking you to refrain from fighting against the flesh and blood "enemies," even though they may call you out.

The only way you are going to be able to do what I am asking here is if you truly believe with your heart of hearts that I will fight for you. You must remember that I have paid the ultimate price for you. You are My prized possession. I have sought you and redeemed you. I am not about to let anyone destroy what I have bought at so high a price.

Not only that, but I want to fight for you. I want to help you gain new ground, conquer lingering foes, and establish your presence in your promised land. Remember, I am for you.

Questions to ponder:
Have you seen God fight a battle for you? How did you know He was fighting for you?

Is there a battle going on now which you need Him to fight for you? Have you asked Him to step in?

Additional scriptures to feast upon today:
As I swallow these scriptures, I am believing...

If you'd like more information about A Taste of Satisfaction or the opportunity to place an order for the book, please click on the By Kay button at the top of the web site. Have a blessed day!

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