Lessons From Those We Walk Behind

I mentioned a few posts ago that I learned how to be a good friend by watching my mom be a friend. Indeed, I've learned quite a few things by watching my mom. She's a pretty sharp gal.

In fact, it's occurred to me lately that there are many habits or ways our older generations possess which are slowly but surely fading from our culture, things we will be amiss to let slip from our possession without learning them ourselves. These are ways, behaviors, values, mindsets, and skills we may esteem, but many of us have failed to weave into the fabric of our own lives. We haven't taken "pains" with these things, if you will. We value them, but not to the point that we take the time and put forth the effort to develop them, learn them, embrace them.

Here are 8 things we could learn from the generation ahead of us:

What have you noticed about the older generations that seems to be lost on today's culture? What do you admire about those walking the path a few steps ahead? They may be walking a little slower than they once did, and their gait may not be as steady. But it might be worth running up and listening in to what they have to say.

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