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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Satisfied...at Last! Conference CDs Available...at last!

I'm pleased to announce that the Satisfied...at Last! Conference is now available on CDs in a beautifully packaged 3-CD set. The conference taped for this set is the one I presented to Crossroads Bible Church in Bellevue, Washington, and the sound folks there did an excellent job capturing the audio portion of these messages. It is the same conference that I've presented in multiple other venues and have the privilege of presenting in still others to come.

If you've completed the Satisfied...at Last! Bible study, you might be interested to know that this CD set stands alone and apart from the study. It's a great introduction to the concept and the Bible study, a good refresher, or a suitable close to it as well. The three sessions on the CDs are entitled 1)Are You a Hungry Girl? 2) Taste and See! and 3) Share the Satisfaction.

Here's why I'm telling you this. I am as passionate as ever about spreading the message of how to become a satisfied woman, a woman who has learned to feast on the Bread of Life so that her soul is richly satisfied with the goodness of God's Word. To that end I am currently working on the first couple of chapters of the trade book on the same concept and hope to have that in the publisher's hands soon.

But meanwhile, I know that many of you, especially those of you who have taken the Bible study or heard the messages at a conference, are also passionate about passing this message and the practical tools taught in it to other women. You have told me that you'd like to share these tools and teachings with your sister, your daughter, your daughter-in-law, your friend. Indeed, the Satisfied...at Last message is timeless and essential to women in our culture today. I don't claim to have a corner on it; it's a message straight from God's Word. But I'm pleased with the way God brought it together for me to share with women around the country and world through Satisfied...at Last!

This 3-CD set would be a great gift to a woman or young woman in your life. It's a convenient tool to pass on to someone who may be searching, seeking, hungry. It's easy to plug into your car's CD player or download onto your computer or MP3 player.

You can order the Satisfied...at Last! Conference CD sets here for just $20, plus shipping and tax. And if you ask, I'll slip the printed listening guides into your package as well!

Spread the word to others who may be interested, and, as usual, thank you so much for supporting Off the Beaten Path Ministries through your prayers and participation. You, dear reader, are a blessing to me!


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