12 Ways to Help an Author

I'm about to finish  reading a new book by Kimberly Wagner called Fierce Women. This biblical womanhood/biblical marriage book explains how to be the strong, capable, and even assertive woman you were created to be while still being submissive and respectful toward your husband, soft and winsome to those around you, and pleasing to the Lord. I'll offer you a review of the book once I finish it, but I'm telling you already that it's masterfully written, timely, and compelling.

Which brings me to the point of today's blog post.

Help Wanted

I like to help out a fellow author whenever I can; I know how challenging it can be to get the word out about a work you feel like know God has placed in your heart and pen. You hesitate to toot your own horn, but at the same time, you didn't write the book just so it could sit in boxes in your garage. You felt compelled to write it because you feel others would benefit from the message.

Every author I've ever personally spoken to (all of which have been Christian writers by the way) have expressed genuine humility about their work mixed with a healthy dose of passion about getting it into the hands of others. They all relate to the common quandary of how to promote their work/ministry without appearing to promote themselves.

And that's where you (and I) come in. Have you ever finished reading a book, completing a Bible study, attending a conference, or watching a DVD and felt a volume of appreciation and joy well up inside? Have you ever recognized that God placed in your hands a special message you needed to hear? Have you been grateful that you bothered to read it, listen to it, study it or watch it because it actually changed your life or at least your thinking?

That's how I'm feeling about Kim Wagner's Fierce Women. And that's why I'm going to blog a review of her book. But there are other things we can do to help out an author or speaker when they minister to us as well. And I'm not too proud (or too humble) to admit that, as an author and speaker, I could benefit from your help in the same way. Whenever you come across someone who has answered the call to professionally minister to you through the written and spoken word, you can bet that they could use your help in getting the word out about their ministry.

Here's how you can help out an author or speaker:
Do you have other ideas for how to spread the news about a good book, message or study? I'd love to hear how you've contributed to someone's ministry by spreading the word. And thank you so very much to each of you who have spread the word about my books and conferences! 

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