Will You Pray for Me as I Go?

Today I'm speaking to the MOPS group at Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas, Texas. I hope you'll pray for me as I share the Satisfied...at Last! message with these sweet young mamas.

I title my MOPS SAL message, "Mama, Are You Hungry?" I always begin with a fun game in which we discover just how much time we mamas spend feeding all the other people in our lives. I give points for things like:

You can understand why most of the time it's a mom with twin babies that wins the contest! But all the mamas find out that they spend a lot of time and energy putting food on the table, in bags, and ultimately in other people's bellies.

Then we turn the discussion to feeding our own hungry souls. Inevitably, at least a few of the tired mamas in the group wipe away tears as they hear how God longs to feed their hungry souls. Ah, the thrill of knowing that you have a Father who has prepared a feast for you!

So you pray for me, and these sweet, tired, giving and young mamas. They need to know how to take their seats at the King's table!

Would you like to hear the full, three-session Satisfied...at Last! message? I have it packaged in these lovely CDs just for that purpose. You can order yours here.

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